Student Fees

A single fee of $10 per student (grade 5-8) is payable on the first day of classes to cover annual costs which include: locker rental (grade 7-8 only), student handbook, special school activities, paper and handouts, special events, intramural equipment, technology acquisitions, and some specialist area supplies. Students are expected to supply materials for sewing class. This fee replaces fund raising events (grades 5-8) which would otherwise be needed. A family rate of $15 for 2 members in one family, and $20 for 3 or more members. The fee for students in Grades P-4 is $5 per student.  The fee covers all of the above with the exception of locker rental.


  • Every student in Grade 7 & 8 will be assigned a locker for the storage of books and personal belongings.
  • Only the combination locks issued by the school may be placed on the lockers. A lost lock may be replaced for $7.
  • Each student is responsible for maintaining the locker’s condition during the rental period. All stickers, decals and marks must be removed before the last day of school.
  • Pictures and posters in the lockers must be appropriate for a school setting.
  • Lockers remain the property of the school and may be subject to a search at any time by school administration or designate.
  • The school may have a pre-announced locker inspection each term to insure that they are in reasonable order and free from perishable materials.

Students MUST guard their combinations carefully and not share their combination with any other student. The school will not be responsible for lost/stolen items resulting from shared combinations or unlocked locks.

Lock tampering is unacceptable. Students may lose access to their own locker for the year and/or be subject to more stringent discipline if they tamper with someone else’s locker.