Physical Environment Responsibilities

Students need to have an active role in keeping the TEC school environment neat, clean, safe and orderly as per TEC Matrix. The custodial staff is responsible for normal wear and tear and cleaning, but students have a job to do as well.


Classroom Floor Clutter

Students must keep their work area and the floor around their desk neat and organised. Aisles in the classroom need to be free of trip hazards. At the end of the day, there must be a procedure in place to ensure that students pick up paper or garbage that they dropped during the day.

Desks / Chairs

Students are to place only their chair on their desk at the end of the school day. Do not tape items to the top of desks.

Hallway – Floor and Racks

The floors and coat rack spaces in the hallway must be kept clean, organised, and clutter free. There must be a procedure in place to ensure the hallway floor is free of books, clothing and footwear. Indoor shoes need to be neatly stored on the rack.


Lockers need to be tidy, closed and locked.


Students need to flush toilets, wash and dry hands, and put paper towel in the garbage can.

General Clutter

Counters, shelving units, tables and desks need to be clean, organised and clutter free. A procedure needs to be in place to ensure that this occurs.


Tidy up area, put recyclables and garbage in proper bin. Push in chair.