Pediculosis (Head Lice)

Last updated: November 28, 2012


Tamarac Education Centre uses “Management and Control of Head Lice in School and Daycares” and the SRSB Head Lice Information Guide for Parents/Guardians and School Communities” as guides when dealing with head lice.

Public Health Services is not available for routine screening of students. They are available to support families when contacted by the family. Public Health Services will be used as a resource and source of information by the school.

Public Health Services, the School Health Liaison Nurse and Tamarac Education Centre can provide head lice treatment kits at no cost to parents.

It is important to remember that head lice is not a health issue, nor is it a communicable disease.

It is important that all staff and volunteers are sensitive when dealing with children that have head lice.

School staff and volunteers are to maintain confidentiality at all times.


Provide education to parents and students about head lice and nits and how to avoid infestation.

Teachers will review with students the procedures for preventing the spread of head lice.

A head lice team will conduct a full check of all students in the school four times per year depending on availability.

Upon detection of head lice

  • The student is discretely excluded from class and the parent is contacted.
  • A letter is sent to the parent indicating that head lice are detected. The letter outlines the steps the parent must follow to treat the head lice. The letter outlines conditions for re-entry.
  • A letter is sent to all parents in that class indicating that head lice has been found in the classroom. The letter recommends that all family members be checked frequently over the next few weeks.
  • The child is not admitted to class until they have been rechecked. The recheck will take place in the School Health room. When the child arrives in the classroom, the classroom teacher will contact the office to ensure that a recheck has been completed. Parents are welcome to be present during the recheck.
  • During the recheck we are looking for lice and nits. Children with nits are allowed back to class.
  • Parents must diligently follow the steps outlined in “How to Prevent, Find, and Treat Head Lice” to ensure that the issue is addressed properly.
  • In cases where repeat infestations occur, parents will be encouraged to contact the School Health Nurse Liaison or Public Health Services for furtherinformation and assistance.
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SRSB Information Guide - Head Lice

Canadian Paediatric Society - Head Lice Position Statement

Public Health Pamphlet - Guidelines for Treatment for Pediculosis (Head Lice)

Public Health Pamphlet - How to Prevent, Find and Treat Head Lice