Information about Staff

Tamarac Education Centre has a large staff compliment, including teaching and support staff. Please see below for an updated list of teaching and support staff for the current school year.

If you'd like to contact a staff member please see the Our School page for school contact information.


To email staff members follow this template:

For example, the principal, Suzanne Delaney, can be reached at:

Homeroom Teachers Administration
PA Phyllis Wyler Suzanne Delaney, Principal
PI Ashley Stone Dayna MacDonald, Vice-Principal
1A Isabel Thompson Nicolle MacIntyre, Guidance
P-1 Ruthann Organ/Elizabeth Carrigan  
P-1I Maria Boudreau YSF Teachers
1-2I Solange Landry Lianna Gillis
2A Jocelyn Miller Danette MacMaster
2B Stephanie Burgoyne  
3A Derek Druhan Resource Teacher
3-4I Amanda Whitty Lori Richard
4A Lisa Cameron  
4B Mike Turner Early Literacy Intervention
4-5I Leanne Paon Louise DesRochers
5A Janice Decoste Heather Graham
5B Susan Langley  
6A Margie Pace Music
6B Dara MacDonald Lisa Morrow-Decoste
6I Stephanie Sampson  
7A Nicole Campbell Physical Education
7B Verla MacNeil Katrin MacKinnon
7C Gina Boudreau Shawn Whitty
7I Lisa McNamara  
8A Sheldon Beaton Child Centred Transition
8B Chris Sturmy Angela Britten
8C Steve Ryan  
8I Jillian Richard Math Intervention
  Debbie Hadley
  Danette Landry