Heritage Fair

Note: Students in grades 4, 6 and 8 participate in Heritage Fair at TEC.


Step 1: What is Heritage Fair?


From the school based events to the regional event, the fair process offers students within the Strait Regional School Board a learning opportunity that strengthens the course outcomes found within their curriculum, as well as celebrating the heritage of our students and their communities.

Heritage Fair has 4 main aims.

1. To encourage all Canadians to celebrate their part in Canada`s history.

2. To heighten awareness of our Canadian heritage

3. To create an exciting learning environment for students.

4. To promote and publicize the variety and uniqueness of our Canadian heritage.

The Regional Heritage Fair is a reflection of the many celebrations of heritage proudly shared around our Board each year; it is a time to identify and promote the diverse cultures interwoven within our communities.


Step 2: Get to know the guidelines.

Heritage Fair guidelines are consistent from Grades 4-12, and many Types of Projects are acceptable. Click on the links to review the project types, guidelines and suggestions.

Step 3: Choose a project!

The Heritage Fair is an amazing opportunity for students to study some aspect of their heritage that is of interest to them.

It must have a Canadian theme.

This could range from the life and times of their great grandfather to a historic building in their local community. The possibilities are endless, be creative!

Still not sure where to start? You might want to review these Elementary Thinking Prompts or these Junior High Thinking Prompts. Check out these Helpful Websites for more information. 

Step 4: Organize your Project using an Inquiry Model

Please visit the TEC page explaining the Inquiry Model for Heritage Fair.

Step 5: Compare your Project to the Judging Criteria

Judging is based on the following criteria:

- Strong historical/heritage component.

- Written documentation to prove historical research has been done.

- Presentation and quality will be evaluated according to grade level.

- Creativity and quality are of importance.

You may also wish to view the Judging Form (all grade levels).