Who is the Guidance Counsellor at TEC?


Nicolle MacIntyre is the School Counsellor at Tamarac Education Centre. She is a licensed teacher with extensive teaching experience, having taught various grades from P-8 over the past 13 years. Ms. MacIntyre has a Master of Education focusing on Mental Health and Wellness as well as a Master of Education in Counselling. Moreover, she ia a Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC) with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA).

What is the Guidance Counsellor's role?


As school counsellor, Ms. MacIntyre's role is to support and assist all students in their personal, social, educational and career development through whole class instruction, small group facilitation or on an individual basis. Much of the comprehensive guidance and counselling program outcomes can be integrated into students’ curriculum outcomes. Therefore, Ms. MacIntyre often works in classrooms to deliever counselling programs.

How can the Guidance Counsellor help?


  • Problems with friendships and being with others
  • Concerns about bullying and harassment
  • Conflict resolution
  • Being worried or stressed out about things that are happening in class, at school or outside of school
  • Handling feelings, including anger and aggression
  • Looking for information or help for others
  • Being scared or feeling unsafe for any reason
  • Grief
  • Just needing to be heard - having someone to talk to whom they can trust

What model of counselling is used at TEC?


The Comprehensive Guidance and Counselling model is used at TEC. This model is used throughout the Strait Regional School Board to deliver programs & services to all students in the school. It is a proactive approach that includes preventative and responsive activities that are designed to meet the needs of the students it serves.

The Comprehensive Guidance and Counselling Program aims to:

  • Provide a structure to help meet the guidance and counselling needs of all students.
  • Encourage respect for individual strengths and challenges and social and cultural diversity.
  • Help students understand themselves and build meaningful relationships with others.
  • Help students plan and achieve educational goals and explore personal career paths.
  • Provide consultation and co-ordination services to educators, parents, administrators, and others who work with students.
  • Ensure the accessibility of guidance and counselling to all students.
  • Provide developmental as well as preventative and reactive services.

The Comprehensive Guidance and Counselling Program provides direction by assisting students to acquire knowledge, attitudes, strategies, and skills in the four program domains:

  • Personal – to understand and appreciate oneself
  • Social – to relate effectively to others
  • Educational – to develop appropriate educational plans
  • Career – to develop life and career plans


What about confidentiality? 


Keeping a trusting counselling relationship with students is very important. The school guidance counsellor has an ethical responsibility to take every reasonable precaution to respect and safeguard a student’s right to confidentiality. As a result, most of what happens during individual sessions is confidential between the guidance counsellor and the child. The following are exceptions to confidentiality:

  • when disclosure is required to prevent clear and imminent danger to the client or others;
  • when legal requirements demand that confidential material be revealed; and
  • when a child is in need of protection.

(Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association Code of Ethics, 2007, p. 7).

Students themselves are free to share as much information as they choose, however, if parents/guardians have any concerns please contact Nicolle MacIntyre and she will work within her ethical guidelines to assist you. Rest assured that Ms. MacIntyre will contact you if there is something that she believes is important for you to know about or help with (with your child’s knowledge). Working collaboratively is the best approach.