It is the sole responsibility of every student of school age to attend school. Futhermore, it is the duty of the parents and guardians to see that their children attend school regularly.


Regular attendance is essential for academic success and to ensure positive social development. Students are expected to be in attendance for all scheduled classes unless absent for an acceptable reason. 

For each absence, a student is required to bring a note from home or the parent/guardian is expected to phone the school to explain the absence.

The note should accompany the student when he/she returns from the absence and should be given to the home room teacher.  For extended medical absences, a medical note is expected.  Parents/Guardians are expected to call the school to give reason for absence on the day of the absence.  Where notification of absenteeism is not received the school will make every attempt to ascertain the reason for the absenteeism.

Parent/Guardian cooperation in notifying the school of an absence is greatly appreciated as it saves valuable time in tracking absent students.

All students are expected to arrive at school by 8:30 a.m. for Home Room.

The Education Act allows absence from school for the following reasons:

  • Medical conditions which prevent a student from attending school.

  • Family emergency.

  • Attending an approved school elsewhere.

  • Others reasons when approved by the school such as trips of educational value.

Truancy is illegal absence from school without the knowledge of parent/guardian or school officials.

Tardiness is being late, without a good excuse, for scheduled classes or routines. Student who arrive late must sign in and may be admitted to class at the beginning of the next period is entry is deemed a disruption.

In the case of truancy or deliberate tardiness, the school will notify the parents or guardians so that they can assist in solving the problem.  It is the school’s policy to have the student make up for truancy through detention, either before school, during scheduled breaks, or after school hours.  More serious action may be taken if the combined efforts of school and home fail to affect a change in the truancy pattern.

In cases of inexcusable absences or persistent tardiness, the school will notify the family in writing of the student’s unsatisfactory attendance and ask for cooperation in seeing that the student attends school and is punctual.  In cases of persistent inexcusable absenteeism, the student may be suspended from school and the matter referred to the Strait Regional School Board.


If a student becomes ill or is injured during the school day, a parent or emergency name will be contacted. If the illness or injury requires immediate attention, an ambulance will be called, with expenses being the responsibility of the parent/guardian. If a student is not feeling well enough to participate in regular school activities, he/she should be kept at home until fully recovered. Your cooperation in this matter is most important for your child, as well as to the operation of the school.

Leaving Early

When a student must leave school prior to regular dismissal, students and parents are asked to follow our sign-out procedures and advise the office of such departure. Confirmation by the parent/guardian is required.

When leaving school early, or in the company of someone other than the parent/guardian, the student MUST have the written request from home, or a phone call should be made by the parent to the school office for urgent changes to a student’s departure.

Parents/Guardians must report to the office to sign out and pick up their child. Students are not permitted to leave school without permission and must be signed out when leaving.